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Exceptional food was up there with the best date: July 24, 2020 / author: RP / rating: (4.5 out of 5)

Ambas Kitchen - Exceptional food was up there with the best

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Traditional dishes at very fair prices date: February 07, 2020 / author: RP / rating: (4 out of 5)

Selsdon Spice - Traditional dishes at very fair prices

Latest Reviews

My food was very good date: December 01, 2016 / author: BT / rating: (3.5 out of 5)

Zorna’s Spices - My food was very good

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New Beers from The Mechanic Brewery Co

New Beers from The Mechanic Brewery Co

We tried out some beers yesterday from The Mechanic Brewery based in Stepney, East London. 

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Food Hygiene

Make sure where you are going to, doesn't have him as a guest....

The Sanderstead Curry Club was founded in May 2014. The club is dedicated to providing up to date, objective reports of the state of Indian restaurants and pubs in the Sanderstead area.

Our small band of three - now two -  intrepid reviewers make a visit to a number of local pubs and a single restaurant towards the end of each month.

The restaurant is picked at random and the pubs allocated by their proximity to the chosen restaurant. The reviewers are looking for excellence, not only in the food, taste, presentation but also service, décor and the amenities of each restaurant. 

We're now back and hoping to visit both new and old restaurants to give you, our public, an update of what's going on out there in food land.

About Us

Each of our reviewers are experienced in the ways of food, having eaten varieties of it throughout most of their adult life, so they know firstly, what it looks like and secondly, where to put it. They are not put off by oily food, nor lumps of lard or lurpak that have been left at the side of the plate by an errant chef. However, anything moving on the plate is generally a bad sign and apart from feet, across the floor also. Reviewing is a tricky business. It is almost an art, but they are not artists.

Our forays into the world of culinary delights is limited at the moment by location. Around 2 or 3 miles around Sanderstead is the limit, and if this boundary is crossed, we cannot be sure of the immediate consequences. Usually it is a small nose bleed culminating in extreme flatulence. For that reason, we limit ourselves to Sanderstead, Selsdon, Riddlesdown, Warlingham, Purley and the surrounding area. We have only once crossed into the fleshpots of South Croydon and it was messy.

The website is categorised by the reviews , the restaurants and a vibrant news page which gives the low down on what gives on the restaurant and pub front. If you have any news from out there then let us know!

Contact Us

Please get in touch if you have something to say or want to get something of your chest. We’re also quite happy to have advertisers on the site for a small fee. Get in touch!

Our reviewers are also having a good time, and so we hope you do too reading these pages. For now then .. keep eating!