date: September 13, 2019

New Beers from The Mechanic Brewery Co

New Beers from The Mechanic Brewery Co

We tried out some beers yesterday from The Mechanic Brewery based in Stepney, East London. 

The first one was aptly named "Tried 1 Had 4" and indeed it was very pleasant. Light, amber in colour and eminently drinkable. Thumbs up for this one.

Our second was a bottled beer named "Green Diesel", a Lime - yes Lime, Stout with an alcohol content of 4.9%. Very dark, this reminded me of a particularly odd flavoured cough mixture. Not so good.

Our last was "Snake in the Grass" , a lemongrass Pilsner, which smelt of lemon but didn't particularly taste of lemon.  It certainly had a hint of Ginger there or thereabouts! Not bad but not as good as the first can tasted.

All in all, very pleasant. For more information head to their website which is here. Their address is:-

The Mechanic Brewery, Railway Arch, 22a Cudworth Street, E1 5QU, London.