venue: Delhi Kitchen / tdate: October 27, 2016 / author: RP / rating: (4 out of 5)

Starters took a while, so free papadoms

Starters took a while, so free papadoms

Delhi Kitchen

Restaurant             Delhi Kitchen     49 Limpsfield Road  Sanderstead  Surrey   CR2 9LB   0208 651 1121

Pubs Before Eating

Earl of Eldon  63, Brighton Road  Croydon CR2 6ED  0208 688 1473

Situated on the corner of Junction Road, this large building has been here as a pub for ages but no one that I know has ever had a pint there. Now we know why. Quite small inside but inviting in a funny sort of way. Traditional carved wood bar, and a Victorian feel to the décor. Plenty of lager type beers but alas no ales. (no cash). Only two customers and a sad looking but nice proprietor were the only people there. So If you want total peace and quiet this is the place for you, not for us. Its up the road to our favourite the Crown and Sceptre. Its like going home.

The Restaurant

Not surprising the old Diwana has given up the ghost. It had a long run and has retired. Amen. Sprouting up in its place the Delhi Kitchen looked most promising with its modern frontage and rows of immaculate white tableclothed tables. Information to back up all of this however is sadly lacking. Can one examine its menu and facilities on line before eating ? Not a chance, not even after a month of being open.( My mate can knock up a website in two days !) So its pot luck or pop in for a takeaway menu, in the EVENING.

By the by, my other half was inquisitive with this replacement for an old friend, so we sat down at 7-30 pm on a Thursday, joining 10 or so other diners. Tables for two were scarce (2) and it felt a tad cramped, but we both enjoyed the food. On the way out however, I noticed two lone tables  in the bar area which I thought would be ideal for my (sometimes) noisy companions. Table 18 ( must book that ). Well, it may have been booked, but it wasn’t laid. So we stood around like lemons while they fussed around to get us seated. Bad start. Starters took a while, so free papadoms. When starters came, I enjoyed my Kakra Khani (BT the same). Light, moist and tasty, mildly spiced. Main meal for me was an extravagant Shaslick Bhuna which wasn’t worth the money at £12.95 albeit still enjoyable. I am reliably informed that large chunks of onion and tomato ( half ) are usual in some dishes, but when they take up 20% of what is an expensive meal it’s a nono. However tasty with good spice.( More char grilled chicken as opposed to the onion and tomato would have been handy ). Just to add to yet another malfunction HS had a totally wrong meal served, which was replaced within 10 minutes, but still with the wrong meat. More twiddling thumbs.

These guys have got to get their act together. Nuff said.


I bet you ( local residents) all think I am being a bit nasty with my comments but I think that I am justified : 

1. No website

2. No attention (forgetful) to table reservations

3. Long wait for starters

4. Wrong order

5. Replace order wrong

I know that eventually they will get their act together.  There will be many now who think the restaurant is wonderful.I disagree. Fill in all the cracks  and it will get the full marks that the food deserves. 10/10 for décor, toilets and friendliness, but 8/10 

rating: (4 out of 5)