venue: Zorna’s Spices / tdate: November 24, 2016 / author: RP / rating: (3.5 out of 5)

Well kept restaurant with good staff

Well kept restaurant with good staff

Zorna’s Spices

The Restaurant           Zornas Spices    11, Russell Hill Parade,  Russell Hill Road  PurleyCR8 2LE  0208 660 6411

Pubs before eating

The Rail View  188 Selsdon Road South Croydon CR2 6PL 0208 688 2315

Imposing looking building from the outside. Parking difficult so we hoped it was worth the effort. Sadly no. Apart from the poor range of beers atmosphere was cold and uninviting. Again as with the Earl of Eldon ( reported) ok for a quiet pint but that’s it. The usual big screen and dart Board. Drink up quick and out.

The Stag and Hounds 26 Selsdon Road South Croydon  CR2 6PB  0871951100

Again an impressive looking building, bright lights from inside. The interior was more disco than pub but without the music. No ales whatsoever Straight out and never looked back.

The Baskervilles  13-15 Selsdon Road CR2 6PW  0208 688 6600

Huge interior but deserted. Large eating area so more of a restaurant with a bar. A pint of Adnams was fair, bar staff more fair. We left South Croydon dejected. Oh for The Crown and Sceptre !!

The Foxley Hatch  Russell Hill Road  Purley CR 8 2LE   0208 763 9307

Compared to what we had to endure in South Croydon, this Wetherspoon cheered us up a bit. You know what to expect and its ok.Cheap beer, Ruddles County acceptable and happy bar staff. Atmosphere pleasant.

The Restaurant

Two doors up from the Hatch, this small fronted restaurant has stood here for a long time, but due to poor parking is probably not frequented As much as it should be. More of an old fashioned restaurant inside, which I liked because of the not so crowded feel owing to separated seating. 

Service was prompt,Cobra beer well chilled. My Starter Chicken Chat was tender, well spiced and a good portion. Chicken Dansak ( I know, yawn ) for main course which was up with the best. Very spicy, hot and large portion. Prices were top end but I my opinion,  justified.  


Well kept restaurant with good staff. My food was excellent, and  a worthwhile experience. The parking irks me, but the effort pays off . Recommended for all curry devotees. 7/10   

rating: (3.5 out of 5)